Brooklyn Bridge Park putting all this snow to good use with snow sculpture contest

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Just hope that these motherfuckers don’t show up. via Flickr user carbonfiberme

We live in a snowy nightmare world now, with the joy of doing things like sledding being replaced with staying home and hiding from the snow by watching movies. Still, as long as the snow is here (and it’s not leaving until we repent for electing godless communist “Red” Bill de Blasio), Brooklyn Bridge Park is gonna make it work for them, by holding a snow sculpture contest tomorrow at noon. You could win ski passes, if you’re somehow not completely sick of snow!

The sculpture contest will go down tomorrow at noon at Pier 5 at the Brooklyn Bridge Park. You and up to three more teammates are allowed to build whatever you’d like, though since there are gonna be kids there, maybe don’t build your detailed tribute to the miracle of human lovemaking. Or do, but they’re your legal bills.

After letting people build things for two hours, your sculptures will be judged at 2pm, with winning teams getting things like the aforementioned ski passes to Stratton Mountain, and gifts from places like the Moxie Spot and Waterfront Wines. Even if you don’t win a prize, there’ll be free hot chocolate and food from Fornino, so in that way, you’ll all be winners. It’s just that some people will be better winners.

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