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Climb to new heights (of savings) with Brooklyn Boulders’ Summer Solstice Sale

brooklyn boulders summer solstice
When it’s time to boulder party we will boulder party hard. via Brooklyn Boulders

Brooklyn-based climbers, rejoice. Brooklyn-based climbers who also love being at the front of lines, rejoice harder. Brooklyn Boulders (575 Degraw Street), the ultra-popular climbing gym in Gowanus, is kicking off the summer this Saturday with their Summer Solstice Sale and Party, and there are extra savings in it for anybody who shows up and hangs out in line tomorrow.

If you’re first in line, give yourself a pat on the back, because you’ll earn a $299 membership credit that’ll get you a free 4-month membership, or credit towards already discounted 12- and 16-month memberships if you’re feeling extra committal. Even though the amount given decreases with each person in line (so you might not want to wait until too late in the day to head over), with the second in line getting a $5 membership and the third getting a $10 one and so on, getting there tomorrow will still get you a credit if you’re not first, you slacker. The credit has to be redeemed while you’re there, so be ready to sign up after hanging out until the sale starts at 6am, Saturday. Might we suggest you bring a friend to help pass the time? Just make sure they stand behind you. All’s fair in love and climbing gym discounts.

But wait, about that party we mentioned: Showing up tomorrow will also get you into their overnight Solstice Party, where you’ll be camping out indoors (camping in?) with your fellow climbing enthusiasts. They suggest you bring your climbing gear, headlamp, and a sleeping bag, which makes this officially sound like the most badass slumber party ever. Just resist the urge to set your sleeping bag down under one of the Brooklyn Bridge arches while pretending you’re a troll to passers-by all night.

If you can’t make it to any of the weekend festivities, the sale will run through the 25, and 4-, 12-, and 16-month memberships will set you back $299, $749, and $999, respectively. So go ahead and grab your climbing shoes (or your running shoes if you’re aiming for that first spot in line, but do also bring your climbing shoes). Deep discounts await.

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