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Indulge your ‘Ninja Warrior’ fantasies and win tix to Brooklyn Boulders’ Lava Monster

Don't touch the floor, because the floor is lava
Don’t touch the floor, because the floor is lava

Admit it, you’ve totally watched Ninja Warrior (or the watered down American version) on cable and thought, “I could tooootally do that.” Well now’s your opportunity to try it and be humbled as an audience of actually fit people look on, because this weekend Brooklyn Boulders will be hosting their own Ninja Warrior-style obstacle course, Lava Monster. Oh, now that you’ve got the chance to prove you’re a ninja warrior you’re suddenly busy? Convenient.

Saturday’s Lava Monster is the thematically appropriate “Ice Edition.” Per the website, “it’s lava meets climbing meets Ninja Warrior obstacle courses.” Participants will endure three “danger zones” where they are expected to jump, swing, zip and climb their way to the top, avoiding the “lava” at all costs. Athletic abilities aside, this will be a fun opportunity to shrug off the complacent, winter slug you have become and try something refreshingly active with friends and strangers who are bored by your run of the mill gyms.

If you want to prove your worth at this kind of game, it’ll run you $25 for an application fee that includes entry to the competition, a free day pass to Brooklyn Boulders, swag and chance to win prizes and the respect of your fellow lava-avoiders. And because I am glutton for public humiliation in the name of fitness, you may get a glimpse of yours truly dodging lava.

Oh, and because we love our followers more than SNL’s accurate portrayals of our hoods, we’ve got two free passes for our email subscribers, so sign up now and you could compete for free!

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