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Where to watch the World Series/drink away the shame of being a Mets fan

Floyd's, photo by J. Nordberg.
Floyd, photo by J. Nordberg.

A starter list of bars in which to watch the Yankees v. Phillies World Series, starting tonight at 8 on Fox. What else y’all got?? Anything in Billyburg or Greenpoint?

Floyd, 131 Atlantic Ave. (Cobble Hill)
Floyd has several TVs and one giant projection screen to catch the big game action on, plus one of our favorite beer specials in town: $12 for a “fun pack” of shitty beers, including such awesome offerings as Stroh and Schmidt, and they usually have $2 Schlitz cans. Then, when you quickly tire of watching the doped up juggernauts smacking around a little league team, you can jump on the bocce court to amuse yourself.

O’Keefe’s, 64 Court St. (Downtown)
Once described to me by a bartender (elsewhere) as “sports bar hell,” O’Keefe’s is your standard flat-screen-and-fried-foods joint with friendly enough staff and certainly plenty of room to see the game.

200 Fifth, 200 5th Ave. (Park Slope)
Haven’t been here ourselves yet, but word is this is the most bro-rific, frat-tacular bar in all of the Slope. You certainly won’t have trouble seeing the game on their 65 TVs (oh how I long for just one tuned to NewsHour) or stuffing your face with wings or skins. Lube up your high-fives, brojangles, and get ready for some SPORTS.

Voodoo Lounge, 138 Fifth Ave. (Park Slope)
Similar to above, though fewer TVs means it looks less like the command center from Independence Day. I also saw a pretty awesome couples fight take place outside here last weekend involving lots of F bombs and crying, so that’s got to mean something.

O’Connors, 39 Fifth Ave. (Park Slope)
This dive in the runoff from Park Slope is the perfect bar for Mets fans. Why? Because it’s ideal for sitting alone in the corner and slowly getting bombed on cheap drinks while watching the game on a shoddy old TV as you curse life and wish a swine flu bomb would somehow land on the pitcher’s mound and knock out both crummy teams. And I’m pretty sure the bar decor hasn’t changed since the last time the Mets won the World Series either.

Mullane’s, 71 Lafayette Ave. (Fort Greene)
Lots of TVs and big projector screen provide ample viewing room; a fair beer selection and a beer-and-a-shot special for $6 help the time go by.


  1. Tim Donnelly

    Also got a tip about Angry Wade’s at 222 Smith Street in Carroll Gardens. It’s got lots of space, lots of TVs, free popcorn and we hear the prices are pretty decent for the area. Then if it gets too packed with dudes (and dogs) you can wander down to any of the 447 other bars on Smith Street for calmer quarters.

  2. 773 Lounge on Coney Island Avenue at Cortelyou. It’s always full of old timers and has free peanuts in a barrel.
    The Ditmas Park blog mentioned that they’ll have $2 beers on game nights and the kitchen will be open til 2.

  3. Beth Hoyt

    I like when the tv is on so i can check the score and watch when a-rod is at bat, but also to have an enjoyable evening. Bocca Lupo (391 Henry) is great for that. The game is on, but nice music is playing as well as candlelight and great food!

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