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Brooklyn bars: not just a great place to drink, but a great place to think

Now there’s a crowd that can use some beers. via Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

We’ve gone over a couple of the things you can do in Brooklyn bars, from eating for free, to being a productive member of society (or just browse YouTube while getting drunk). Well now you can add “read a book” to the list of things to do while drinking in public. We’ll admit it wasn’t the first thing that came to mind (we prefer reading in parks), so credit where it’s due, to the Daily News for finding four Brooklyn bars where readers are welcome to sit down and open up a tab.

The four bars the the News found (Bearded Lady, Owl’s Head, Harefield Road, and Chez Lola) wouldn’t make it on to say, our dive bar guide, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t contribute to the awesome fabric of alcohol dispensaries around the borough. Plus, as it gets colder and more miserable outside, it does make sense to have a few bars in your back pocket where you can get out of the apartment but still relax. Still, there can’t possibly only be four bars around here that are good places to read a book.

What say you, Brokesters, where in this crazy town can a guy read a book and have a (few) drink(s)?

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  1. Marianna

    There’s a great place on 4th avenue right by the Atlantic-Pacific stop called Pacific Standard. It’s actually got a giant bookshelf in the back with books you can read and comfy couches to sit in. Definitely one of my favorite bars in Brooklyn.

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