Brooklyn Arts Council seminars will grant you keys to grant success

The Ballet Folklórico Mexicano de Nueva York got a BAC grant, and you can learn how!
The Ballet Folklórico Mexicano de Nueva York got a BAC grant, and you can learn how!

So we gave you some pretty great advice on getting yourself some sweet artists grant money. But maybe you’re thirsty for more knowledge about them. Jeez, what are you, someone who tries to do their homework and remain knowledgeable about subjects that are important to you? If you are, we’ve got good news: in August and September, the Brooklyn Arts Council is holding seminars on applying to grants in neighborhoods all over Brooklyn.

BAC will be holding their seminars on applying for Community Arts and Local Arts Support Grants as an opportunity for artists and money chasers to get information on the grant writing process, one-on-one feedback, reviews on grant applications and tips on writing a successful grant application.

You might be thinking you’re a Johnny Cool Guy who doesn’t need any help writing grant applications from The Man, but keep in mind that if you want a Community Arts or a Local Arts Support grant, attendance at one of the seminars is required if you haven’t received one of the grants in the last two years. Ah, now you wanna go, huh? The seminars will kick off in Bushwick, which is where art was invented, at the Washington Irving branch of the Brooklyn Public Library (360 Irving Avenue) on August 13, from 4pm – 6pm. If you want to see when the BAC will be coming to your neighborhood, check out their list of seminars here, and remember: it’s free money, so be very disappointed and maybe give up if you don’t get a grant.

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