Brokes populi: How’s the new Fairway working out for you?

Presumably, it doesn't look quite as put together now. via Facebook
Presumably, it doesn’t look quite as put together now. via Facebook

Friday was a really big deal in Red Hook, given the re-opening of the Red Hook Lobster Pound, Red Hook Winery and of course, Fairway. The Fairway opening was a huge deal. We were there. So were the Times and WNYC, and even CNN showed up and presumably hologrammed a report back to Wolf Blitzer.┬áSo now that we’ve had a weekend to revel in the glory of the all new Fairway, it’s time to start talking about it less as a symbol and more as a store.

Did you brave the crowds and head there this weekend? Was it a complete mob scene? If you’d previously been a Fairway shopper, what have you noticed that’s new about the store? Is there anything that they got rid of that you miss? And most importantly: what’s on sale right now? Tell us in the comments, because some of us really need to go food shopping.

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