Brokes populi: How prepared are you for Nemo?

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How does something so peaceful cause such a panic? via Flickr user seeareelem

So apparently we’ve got another apocalyptic weather event in progress. Right now it’s only cold and raining, but before you know, New York will be blanketed by white powder at a rate not seen since Blondie was playing CBGB. This means the usual grocery hoarding and meteorological freak outs, but in the wake of Sandy, we guess it helps to actually take bad weather seriously. So Brooklyn, have you stocked up?

If you have, well, congratulations. You’re probably forward-thinking enough to have a winter girlfriend too. If you guys get bored, you can always repurpose our cinematic Sandy survival guide into a Nemo survival guide. Or head to the sledding spots in our guide to winter. I won’t lie though: I haven’t stocked up at all. All I have at home is half a bottle of bourbon and most of the ingredients for pork fried rice. After that, if all the grocery stores around me close for the weekend, I’ll just put on my boots and try to barter booze for food with my neighbors. What about you, dear readers, have you grabbed all the milk in bread from your grocery store?

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  1. Presently waiting out a four-hour delayed flight to Atlanta. Not sure if I’m getting out of here, but if we do it’s going to be like that last scene in Argo.

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