Brokerlyn: Crazy lobbies, units starting at $950/month

One of our favorite ways to determine if an apartment is right for us is if it prompts any moving-in fantasies. Does just looking at that custom bookshelf make you want to compulsively organize your possessions inside it? Can you see yourself cooking on that tiny but adorable stove? Set that sorting tool to priority low price and get dreaming, friends. That’s exactly what we did to find you these listings on our rental service. Take a look, find a crib, move-in, turn up.


The kitchen situation in this unit is kommie-lite, but it's a good price. Photo via The Syper Group
The kitchen situation in this unit is kommie-lite, but it’s a good price. Photo via The Syper Group

Heights lyfe
Brooklyn Heights
Room in a two-bedroom

You’ll be sharing a unit with an “elderly woman” in a pre-war co-op building in Brooklyn Heights, no pets or smoking allowed, elevator and laundry in the building. Can’t wait to read your novel about the experience; we’re envisioning it as a kind of adult version of Anne of Green Gables set in Brooklyn Heights.

That’s not a sticker, it’s the company’s logo
Room in a three-bedroom

Were you not deceived by the sticker-like looking company logo watermark? It really looks like it’s in the listing photo. ANYWAY, this apartment room is located on the 4th floor of a private home. Gas and electric are on you and your future roomies, heat and hat water is included, and the common areas are already furnished. If you’ve got a bae moving in with you, the rent is $1,350.

Future kitchen
Room in a three-bedroom

That’s a neat counter contraption they’ve got there – guess you’ll have to move in and learn what the point of it is. The listing boasts exposed brick, hardwood floors, and big, bright windows in your bedroom.

Communist kitchen situation

Not sure how “coveted” the L train really is, but it is nice this apartment is close to the subway. You’ll be sharing your kitchen with the next door unit, but hey, who needs to cook when you’re close enough to eat Roberta’s every meal, three meals a day, forever?

Back to the Victorian-era
Ditmas Park

It’s labeled as a studio but this listing is purportedly the entire third floor of a multi-family Victorian-era Ditmas Park home. You’ll get a clawfoot tub, garden access, plenty of light, slanted ceilings, and the ability to realistically pretend you live in Ohio.

Your 460-square-foot slice of heaven
Sunset Park

This Brooklyn-sized heaven slice is a four-story walkup recently renovated with a fresh paint job and hardwood floors. Tours are offered only during the unit’s open house.

That’s some nice balcony

New Lots isn’t a neighborhood, so we figure the broker’s referring to Flatbush. That balcony oughta upgrade the unit to a one-bedroom. Inside the apartment is small, but the separate kitchen adds a more private feel to the bedroom area. The bathroom is so orange just looking at it makes us smell citrus.

Prospect Park South

This appears to be a ground-floor rental with curvy bay windows in the kitchen and a tiny baby stove. No photos of the main living area, there are at least two closets, though.

Big and brooding

Like the protagonist of a romance novel, this apartment is dark and brooding, almost (although not quite) loft-like with it’s large, open main space. The building’s got laundry, an elevator, and a Japanese water garden for a lobby. Seriously, that’s a special lobby.

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