Brokerlyn: Rentals for $1,250/month and under

Bushwick, $825/month. Someone lost their security deposit, but at least they had fun
Bushwick, $825/month. Someone lost their security deposit, but at least they had fun

Brooklyn’s rental market is way scarier than the blizzard: we’d deal with Stella twice a week every week if we could only rent in Park Slope for under $1,000 a month. Alas, times are tight, but check out these picks we found, and don’t forget to try out Brownstoner’s listing service before you go sloughing through Craigslist.

“Unit is subject to occupancy criteria”

Do you make $25,400 or less a year – $29,00 or less if you’ve got a two-person household? This income restricted unit is accepting applications to replenish its waitlist. It’s luxury housing on the cheap, with tons of amenities, but only if you qualify and then get selected.

“Immediate move-in”
Room in a three-bedroom

You’ll be sharing the kitchen and bathroom in this apartment, but it’s hard to beat a rent of $899/month, especially considering the unit appears freshly renovated, the room has a decently-sized closet and private entrance from the backyard. There’s a $75 application fee and you’ve gotta have good credit.

Gut renovated garden level room
Crown Heights
Room in a two-bedroom

We’re not totally positive how many bedrooms this unit has as the listing only specifies it’s a “room-share” with a private room, but it’s got three bathrooms, no fee, and looks brand spankin’ new. The building has laundry, a gym and bike storage.

$1,050/month in Crown Heights. Not too shabby
$1,050/month in Crown Heights. Not too shabby

“It’s rare in NYC, at this price range”
Room in a three-bedroom

The description is a bit contradictory, and the photos appear to be from two different apartments (either that or this unit has two kitchens and two living rooms) but both pictured units seem clean and well-maintained. The asking price was formerly $2,700, but was cut by more than half back in early January. If you’re interested, contact the broker to clarify the details.

The staircase is a literal rainbow

Someone had a field day painting this unit’s walls: they’re a rainbow of color, ranging from purple to red to bright blue. The stairs are a literal rainbow. Either someone went all out once they realized they were losing their safety deposit anyway, or this is a private residence that rents a unit. Call the broker to find out.

High ceilings, hardwood floors
Prospect Heights
Room in a three-bedroom

A private room is available in this bright floor-through apartment. It’s two flights up and the rent includes all utilities and cable. You’ll have to pay the broker’s fee and the first month’s rent at signing.

$623/month in Williamsburg. Great digs if you qualify with the income cap
$623/month in Williamsburg. Great digs if you qualify with the income restrictions

“It is perfect for a single person or student”

Go witionest, young man. Midwood (or “Mapleton,” as this listing refers to the area, but I contend is not a real neighborhood) is more shtetl than city: a good unit here can go for Bushwick prices but your community will be older, more established families with less subway access but more old-school Brooklyn feel.

“Access to yard”

There’s not much information here and only one photo to work with, but for the price it’s worth looking into.

“Rent stabilized”
Sunset Park
Room in a three-bedroom

The patterned linoleum floors are certainly interesting in this three-bedroom where you’ll get plenty of communal space and a good price for a fairly central location (the R train really isn’t that bad, and it’s a straight shot into lower Manhattan). The bedroom is “delineated by an…archway” meaning you’ll probably want to invest in some curtains or a modular wall of sorts.

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