Brokerlyn: Pay under $1,000/month for these apartments, all with outdoor space

Sun and fresh air are far from God given rights in this city, especially within the limited confines of your apartment. Having an apartment with a backyard will feel like a daily miracle, and even roof deck access is magic. An accessible fire escape alone should be cherished.

This week’s Brokerlyn features affordable – as in under $1,000/month per person once you split the multi-bedroom price tag among roomies – units that boast outdoor space which, for most of these units, comes in the form of backyard. Take a look below, and check out our listing service for more (just select your preferred type of outdoor space under the Features dropdown).

In-building gym, laundry and roof access: AKA The Dream
Crown Heights

Not only does this three-bedroom unit allegedly offer garden access, there’s also in-building gym, laundry and roof access (it is possible the “garden” is really just the roof, as no garden is pictured). The communal space looks large and the kitchen has more counter space than some apartments have storage. There’s two seemingly identical listings currently available.

Watch the world go by from your bonafide balcony
East New York

Wowzers mcwowow, now THAT’S a balcony with a view. The living room is also sprawling, and judging by the blue wrapping on the kitchen appliances, the apartment has recently undergone a gut renovation.

With a living room so lovely you hardly need a yard

This one-family duplex house for rent has room to spare, a private front yard, backyard and a freakin’ basement. Convince two friends to move to Flatlands and you’re golden.

What does one even do with this much space?

Out in southern Brooklyn, space is clearly still a thing. This 3-bedroom has a parking spot available (for additional ca$h). But why waste that space on cars when you could turn it into three more bedrooms? Just a suggestion…

Ooo lala

This apartment is tres Bushwick – it’s also no fee and one month free on an 18-month lease. New construction with a shared backyard, central AC and video freakin’ intercom, the place also sports in-building laundry and is a block from the L.

That’s a lot of dirt!

The kitchen is quaint, with an island, and the unit as a whole is 1,200 square feet with a basement, private deck AND yard. There’s two bathrooms and windows aplenty.

Bright lights, big kitchen
Crown Heights

This “luxury rental…recently gut renovated,” unit really is quite clean and shiny. Plus, added bonus, the owner pays the fee on a two year lease. Ca-ching.

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