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Brokelyn’s 2018 summer bucket list

Oh, summer. It’s perhaps one of favorite seasons. It seems so elusive the rest of the year, but once it’s landed in Brooklyn in all of its glory, it can be gone in the blink of an eye.

Bucket lists can be fun (or just a time killer), but it’s important to plan out your summer goals. If you don’t plot out your summer, will you really have any fun? Maybe, maybe not.

Here are some of our bucket list items we’re working on checking off:

  • Find the best frozen drinks in my neighborhood
  • Watch an outdoor movie or two
  • See the Friday fireworks at Coney Island
  • Play hooky from work and go to the Rockaways – Joanna
  • Leave Brooklyn for once in your life
  • Pet all of the dogs
  • Spend the day in Red Hook
  • Get some dope fish from Acme
  • Go to a show at the House of Vans
  • Ride the Wonder Wheel
  • Dance it off at a daytime dance party like Tiki Disco
  • Get lost in a different neighborhood
  • Take an outdoor gym class (ha)
  • Go on a tour at Green-Wood Cemetery
  • Take a heavy metal yoga class
  • Share some laughs at a comedy show
  • Hang out on the roof at the New Museum – Megan
  • Do something out of your comfort zone (ex: a cooking class, sign up for an open mic, karaoke)
  • Eat amazing pie at Four & Twenty Blackbirds
  • Go on a digital detox and spend the day in the park reading
  • See a Shakespeare in the Park production (yes, it’s worth leaving Brooklyn)
  • Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge
  • Relax by a rooftop pool somewhere
  • Ride the ferry to Rockaway
  • Avoid the Highline – Megan
  • Explore Long Beach
  • See a show at Prospect Park Bandshell – Megan

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  1. Robert Jan de Vries

    For Metal Yoga, Saskia is in town teaching at St. Vitus next week Saturday, 9/28 so make it to that as she’s not here too often. Keep an eye out for Metal Yoga Bones on FB. Otherwise you can always make due with a sub such as myself every Sunday at the Cobra Club.

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