Brokelyn poll: How do you take your Mad Men?

madmen1Love watching Don Draper struggle with his gorgeous wife, prestigious clients, and of course… himself? Then you must be rich, or at least reasonably unaccustomed to the idea of finding your dinners like this. According to a recent Hollywood Reporter write-up, almost half of Mad Men’s 1.9 million viewers make at least $100,000 a year. Basically if you watch the show, you can’t possibly be reading this post (or… maybe you can). But really, what about Brokesters like us? Do people outside the show’s supposed lofty tax-bracket simply not watch? No, we can personally attest: We’re watching Don and Bets with the rest of them. We’re just watching differently.

These days, a whole lot of us are ditching the money-sucking cable subscriptions to save what we can. It’s a financial no-brainer in a world of Netflix, Hulu, rich friends with fancy TVs… But, of course, this means we’re not being counted—at least not in the world of Nielsen ratings—those narrow night-of-the-broadcast numbers that often dictate eternal TV glory or premature cancellation (most recently, Party Down), and leave television actors begging for viewers to tune in live on their Twitter accounts.

So… since our internet views still aren’t counted by TV execs, we want to know—for the sake of all the shows we love: How do you  take your Mad Men?


  1. pirate bay. it sucks that we don’t count. bars also offer happy hour specials while watching MM. “Lie to me” on Fox is on the day after, “White Collar” too, and on those we do count. Too bad Comedy Central doesn’t stream “Futurama”!

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