Guys, help us put the Bro in Brokelyn!

Tim Donnelly wins the Punderdome 3000
Brokelyn editor and Punderdome 3000 victor Tim Donnelly (right) has his finger on the pulse.

There’s one reason why lady Brokelyn writers outnumber men by three to one: Tim Donnelly. Yes, that fetching flanneled gent, basking in his own Punderdome afterglow (and a new blender!), is our Brokelyn editor, and it seems that words aren’t the only thing he has a way with. Ever since he took over, we’ve been swarmed by female talent. You’ve read their posts — we’re not complaining. But we were thinking we could maybe use some more dudes to even things out and submit stories on things dudes like. (Erm, beard care?). At the moment, foodies are especially welcome, but whatever your talents or interests, we’ll find an assignment for you. What you get by contributing to the Broketown Register: entry into our inner circle of income-challenged bon vivants, breakfast once a week, small-time fame, maybe.
What you don’t get: any less broke. (Yet!)
Whatever your gender, you have an open invitation to swing by one of our meetings, every Thursday morning at 9:30 at the Flying Saucer Cafe, 494 Atlantic Ave. near Third Avenue. Or email me at faye [at] brokelyn [dot] com.

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