Brokelyn is looking for fall interns!

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Team Brokelyn wants you! We even have dudes too! Photo by Sarah Bibi.

Attention college students, recent grads, unemployeds, under-employeds, aspiring blogeteers and all you nifty thrifty writers and reporters with free time: Team Brokelyn wants you! We’re looking for an intern or two to keep up our free events calendar, sort through our inbox, pitch ideas, help out at events and participate in occasional heavy weekday drinking with the rest of the team under the guise of “research.” Perks include weekly breakfast meetings, learning the tricks of the trade with profesional brokesters, the chance to make money off side projects,  the camaraderie of aforementioned drinking outings and the chance to work for one of the best-read sites in BK. And every now and then, you might find your work linked to by some of the biggest sites around.

We value serious journalism and the willingness to hit the pavement to do some research, even if it’s just finding out which store has the cheapest malt liquor. In return, we treat your work seriously and give you the benefit of professional editors and talented collaborators. Team Brokelyn folks have gone on to write for The Awl, The Hairpin, Thought Catalog, Inc. Magazine, and much more.

TO APPLY: We won’t bother with all that stodgy resume and cover letter hoopla: just email tim[at]brokelyn[dot]com with the subject line “BEST INTERN EVER.” Include some info about yourself, where you’re from, a few of your favorite Brokelyn posts and five of your favorite cheap tricks/secrets/schemes for living on the cheap in Brooklyn. We’re looking to bring someone on within the next week so don’t wait!

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