Help Brokelyn make it the best spring evah

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Gowanus Yacht Club memories. Soon ... oh so very soon....

Pardon us for getting a bit excited, but with daylight saving time this weekend, flowers budding in our window and the horrible pile of sky dandruff finally melting on our street,¬†SPRIIIIIIIING is almost here! Like much of Brooklyn, we’re bursting at the seams to get outside and do things that don’t involve the same layering you need for a spacewalk. So we’re starting with a party!¬†April 21 at Public Assembly: Brokelyn hosts THE FINEST SPRING EVAR soiree: music, dancing, contests for faux-fancy spring dress and a killer raffle of the best spring-type activities. But first, tell us: what are your favorite spring things to do Brooklyn (especially if money is no issue)? Tell us what prizes to go after so we can help get your spring off to the best start evar.

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