Brokeing news: Brokelyn has a new publisher!

Brokelyn’s been bought!

Since our creation in 2009 as a recession-survival guide, we’ve been serving up news and tips on the best ways to live big on small change in Brooklyn – and that’s not changing. We’ll not only be staying in the borough, we’re staying with local media. Our new publisher, Julia Moak, also owns and Dumbo NYC, two neighborhood specific sites which, especially if you live in or near the nabes, you should check out STAT.

Julia bought Greenpointers three years ago, and the site has only grown since. Especially in such a precarious time for local media, the continued survival of these three hyper local blogs proves this community still cares and relies on these sites as platforms for not just news but local opportunities and events.

You can expect the same stuff you love from the same Editor in Chief who’s been holding down the ship since January, with more of a focus on the best off-the-beaten-path Brooklyn has to offer. Now that we’re the sister site of Greenpointers, we’ll also be focusing more on markets and events, including expanding opportunities local vendors have to hawk their hustle at local parties and fleas hosted by yours truly. Brokelyn isn’t just a news source, it’s also a tool for artists to get the most out of the borough.

As for the Beer Books, they’re still under the domicile of our old publisher, the independent family owned media company Schneps Communications. BUT, the Books remain near and dear to our hearts, so you can expect an announcement from us when the 2018 batch are ready, for both Brooklyn and Queens. Check back soon.

Do you have ideas for Brokelyn? Great! We’re looking for new pitches and new writers: If you’ve got something you want to write for Brokelyn email us at [email protected] dot com today. We’re interested in service journalism, roundups, first-person tales of your Brokester life, stories about dating woes, lifehacks, profiles with interesting people and anything you think tells the story of trying to survive in the world while doing things you love.

In the meantime, don’t forget to follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagram and sign up for our newsletter. And stay tuned as we go broke to the future. Thanks for reading!

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