Broke Brooklyn hottie is star of new Hulu reality show

Picture 11Meet Ben Elliott, a genetically gifted yet financially bereft model/actor from Brooklyn—Williamsburg? Greenpoint?—who’s one of the five stars of the new web-only reality show from American Idol creator Simon Fuller. If I Can Dream, which debuted on Hulu today, transplants five up-and-coming talents—a model, three actors and a rocker—to Hollywood, where they live in a house and pursue big-time fame. Ben, who’s 22, is filmed skateboarding around BK with his suspiciously camera-ready posse until he’s saved from his empty fridge and groady couch by Fuller & Co. “Surviving New York with no money is not easy, but I did it,” he says in the following video clip, “so I can go anywhere.”

Too early to tell if the show’s any good, but can Ben possibly be as nice as he seems in this video? Does anyone know him? And, um, how do we get him a Brokelyn t-shirt?


  1. I’ll do my best Seth Myers:

    Really, Brokelyn?! Really?! A reality show about a model, who USED to live in Brooklyn? Really?? You’re covering this? Really?!

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