Brokavore quick tip: the perfect perch for hummus

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Pita at Damascus, photo by Allison Hemler

Walking down Atlantic Ave. yesterday I was reminded of a small pleasure I regularly indulged in when I lived in Carroll Gardens—55-cent bags of pita bread from Damascus bakery. Inflation being what it is, they’re now 75 cents, but you still grab one from a stack of plastic pallets on the shop floor, so recent from the oven that steam may be condensing on the bags. And they’re still soft, chewy and generally a multitude better than any other pita you’ve spent three times as much for. Combine it with a small tub of baba ghanoush or one of the other mezes that abound on the block, and you’ve got an Arabic treat for lunch for a few dollars. (Note: If you’re feeling flush, opt for the triangle-shaped pita points, which for $1.25 are even more moist and pillowy.)

Damascus Bakery, 195 Atlantic Ave., between Court and Clinton streets, 718-625-7070

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