Briskettown: Now with free beer on Tuesdays

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Want to wash all this down? You can for free now. via Briskettown

Hey guess what? Free beer! Now, for those of you who ran out of their house after reading that, then had to come back once realizing you didn’t know where or when, I like your spirit, and you’re about to be even happier. The free keg happens to be at Brokelyn-approved barbecue temple Briskettown (359 Bedford Avenue) in Williamsburg, and will be getting tapped every Tuesday at 5pm for the foreseeable future. The beer is self-serve, because you seem like a trustworthy kinda person, and will keep going ‘til the keg runs out (a.k.a. when I arrive with my Big Gulp cup).

This means that instead of having to choose between grabbing a beer or ordering one more course of smoky brisket will no longer hang over customers, which will likely resort in several near-fatal food comas caused by excessive deliciousness. Sure, the establishment has gotten hoity-toity now, what with servers instead of just ordering at a counter from a guy with a huge knife, but free beer definitely combats any and all hoitiness. So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to Briskettown at 5, where the beer is free and being poured by the coolest Brokelyn reader looking at your computer right now.

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