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10 coffee shops with bring-your-own-mug discounts

Maybe we can cut down on these a bit.

Sure, there are lots of things that could save you money or time by making coffee at home — your handheld electric grinders or the decidedly non eco-friendly k-cup craze, etc.. But the act of purchasing a cup of coffee at the local coffee shops can feel more like a ritual than a necessity. Yet ritual doesn’t always overshadow expense. Two things happen when you purchase coffee out: You pay sometimes upwards of $3.50 just to satisfy a caffeine craving; and you end up using a disposable paper cup that adds to a growing waste problem. Despite this, there is a way to be at peace both environmentally and financially while continuing to buy your coffee. Here is a list of coffee shops that offer a discount for bringing in a reusable cup:

Gimme! Coffee
495 Lorimer St., between Grand St & Powers St., Williamsburg
Discount: 35 cents off with your own mug.

Café Pedlar
210 Court St., in Cobble Hill
Discount: 25 cents off drip coffee with your own mug.

Brooklyn Roasting Company
25 Jay St., Dumbo
Discount: The sign up in the shop encourages you to buy their cute, vintage coffee cups stacked in a basket by the register for 25 cents off coffee or cappuccino; however, they also give the same discount if you bring your own travel or office mug.

Red Horse Café
497 6th Ave., between 13th St & 12th St., Park Slope
Discount: 25 cents off drip coffee with your own mug.

Southside Coffee
652 6th Ave., between 18th St & 17th St, Sunset Park
Discount: 25 cents off drip coffee with your own mug.

Cafe Grumpy
193 Meserole Ave., between Newel St & Diamond St., Greenpoint
Discount: 25 cents off with your own mug.

Various Brooklyn locations
Discount: As part of their Green Project, they take 10 cents off beverages when you use your own reusable travel mug.

These shops are slightly vague about their discounts:

Variety Café
368 Graham Ave., between Conselyea St & Skillman Ave., East Williamsburg, Williamsburg – North Side
Discount: They charge you the same price as their drip coffee refill.

Champion Coffee
1108 Manhattan Ave., between Dupont St & Clay St., Greenpoint
Discount: Their hot coffee is espresso-based. The shop only offers a discount for iced coffee depending on the size of travel mug. For example, a small iced coffee is $2.75 but with a reusable cup of an equivalent size, the charge is $2.25 which is the price of a small hot coffee.

1112 Cortelyou Road
Discount: 30 cents off but ONLY If you have a cup with the Qathra logo (which they are currently no longer offering for purchase)

Second Stop Cafe
524 Lorimer St., between Powers St & Ainslie St., Williamsburg
Discount: After speaking to the owner, Paul, who mentioned the shop is currently closed for reconstruction, he answered thoughtfully that a discount for bringing a reusable mug seems like a “good idea” and they “may start”. So, if you frequent this coffee shop, remind him of this good idea!

Did we miss any? Put them in the comments!

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  1. ktrsbklyn

    Dizzys North Slope (5th and President). Coffee — iced or hot — is a MERE $1 if you bring our own take-out cup. “You’re the only person who does this here,” the guy at the counter told me. “At the other store [9th St, 8th Ave], everyone does.”

    I think 3 Pommes, 5th Ave and Garfield gives you a little discount, too.

  2. Kate from LZ

    late to the party here, but we at Little Zelda on Franklin Avenue in Crown Heights do it too! 25 cents off any drink, and usually a compliment for your thoughtfulness.

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