Hope you’ve been practicing. Photo by Tim Donnelly

Well, it’s holiday season, and with that comes holiday stress. Whether it’s having to cook for 15 people, dealing your drunk mom at Christmas, bitter family arguments of dreidel gambling debts that haunt your Hanukkah gathering, white people telling you Kwanzaa is fake or not being able to get enough drugs for New Year’s Eve, we all have challenges that freak us out during the holidays. Pint-sized pun genius Jo Firestone is here to help though it, with an invitation to come beat stuffed animals and piñatas at Littlefield for free on Saturday, at an event called Beat It: An Interactive Art Installation Where You Hit Things. All you need to do is bring your own bat.

As with many events that Firestone has done, we are dead serious when we tell you about it. In this instance, we’re dead serious that she’s going to fill Littlefield with giant stuffed animals, piñatas and surprise “other large objects” and is encouraging you to come on down and beat them about their head and face. Admission is free and you’re even invited to bring your own bat, in case you had one that you haven’t been using. We mean, it’s right there in the name.

Also, if you’re worried about other people beating you about the head and face, the event is also going to have a self-defense workshop so that you’re able to fend off attackers. Or we guess use the moves you learn for evil, we don’t know, it’s your life. The only downside to this lovely event is that it happens in the afternoon, from 1pm to 4pm, so you can’t drink yourself into a coma on Friday night. We’d say it’s worth it to get up early enough to go hit things though.

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