Warm up with the art and dance party-heavy BRIC House spring 2015 schedule

She's a BRIC, house (party)
She’s a BRIC, house (party)

There’s no need to waste any more time figuring out what BRIC actually stands for, since you’ll be too busy enjoying all the stuff that’s happening inside of it this spring! Our favorite multi-disciplinary art house just released the first bit of 2015 arts programming, and a lot of it’s already got our favorite price tag on it (none).

There’s so much damn stuff going on that we can’t possibly go into all of it in one post, because you’ll get bored and stop reading. So if you wanna know all of it, definitely check out BRIC’s website for the full rundown of what you’ll be able to find when the weather warms up.

There ain’t no party like a BRIC House Party, so we’ll start by telling you the all-ages, all-day themed programming that starts with family activities and ends with a live-DJed party at night being handed over to party crews The Rub (March 14) and I Love Vinyl (April 11). If you don’t feel like dancing though, there’s always the Stoop Series, free weekly drop-in arts programming featuring some of the borough’s best, at 7pm every Tuesday. Look forward to things like conversations about the digital age of Google Maps (March 3), improv comedy with Adam Wade (March 17), flash-mob tactics by AUNTS (May 5) and plenty of other reasons to mark your calendars for a night at the BRIC house.

Busy on Tuesdays? No worries: how about watching a bunch of BK-based poets wield their words in response to community artwork at the Brooklyn Poetry Slam, a free series that’ll take place on select Thursdays this month (March 12, April 16, May 21) at 7pm on the BRIC House stoop?

There’s also a great chance for cartography, history AND art nerds to mingle, during the Mapping Brooklyn exhibit, which starts February 26. For this, Brooklyn artists will do work based on maps from the Brooklyn Historical Society, looking at them from both a literal and metaphorical perspective.

There’s no shortage of the community outreach that BRIC is famous for, either, what with its upcoming awards ceremony for Free Speech Television programming (March 21), or its media showcase celebrating youth-made films (May 28). This one scores extra brownie points with us for actually being curated by a bunch of high school students.

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