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Brewskee-Ball is back with another, much drunker, skeeson

All that practice will pay off in the reward you really want: BOOZE. via Facebook

Hey sports fans, tired of disappointing New York sports in your life? You wouldn’t be if you liked hockey, but fine, we get it, you just won’t get on that Rangers bandwagon. There’s another place you can get sporting satisfaction though, at least if you have some skillz, because Brewskee-Ball is back for another skeeson at the Full Circle Bar. And while there’s obviously a lot of pride on the line every time you roll, this time there’s something just as important at stake: booze booze booze.

Some of the new Brewskee-Ball season works the same way it always has. You and two friends make a team of three, with a pun-friendly name, to compete in eight weeks of skee-ball madness (on either Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays). Since the league organizers know that skee-ball isn’t the sport of the rich (like say, fox hunting), they’re cutting you a break by knocking the registration price down to $300 from $360 if you sign up by February 2.

“Tell us about the booze!” you’re saying. OK, OK, calm down. You should really make sure you’re in practice this year, because every match that your team wins will get you guys three free shots of vodka. If you manage to run the table and have an undefeated skeeson, the three of you will also go home with a bottle of vodka. Or around the corner to drink it, it’s your life. There are also Groupon-like discount cards for sale this time around that will get you $100 of booze (and snacks, fine) for $80 or $200 worth for $150. That’s in addition to the three beers or cocktails you get each week of rolling too. Just make sure you don’t rollĀ too well after imbibing, someone might notice that alcohol is your secret skee-ball P.E.D.

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