Boxed in: more teeny-tiny apartments are on the way

Yep, this is a thing now
Yep, this is a thing now

Hey, remember when the news dropped about NYC’s first micro-apartments? We laughed, we cried at the idea that we couldn’t even afford those, we rolled out eyes when people brought up Japan’s capsule hotels. Well, you can get ready for that all over again, because the city loved the reaction it caused so much that they have plans for even more tiny apartments.

The Observer caught up with the commissioner of the Department of Housing Preservation and Development, Matthew Wambua, who told them that yes, the city is looking over more pitches for housing that we can only assume will branded “luxury” by hungry hungry brokers. No word on where the skinny jeans of apartments will go, but since they start at $940/month and are considered affordable, we’re hoping against hope they stay on Manhattan’s side of the East River.


  1. It’s about creating options, not about shrinking everyone’s living quarters. How many options does someone who wants to live alone in Manhattan for under $1000 a month have now? A typical studio will cost you almost twice that. If you want more size for a similar price tag, live with roommates, but for those who prefer to live alone, It’s great that there’s a push to create an affordable choice.

  2. blerg

    It’s about maximizing profit — for developers, for landlords and for bloomberg and his favored agencies when this magically doubles or triples city taxpayers in those buildings. If you haven’t noticed, the choice in NYC is rapidly becoming multi-million dollar luxury lofts or microapartments. Get the picture?

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