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Foodie shocker! Bon Appetit slashes price of grub crawl to $250

You can do this for only $250 this weekend.

Looks like we weren’t the only ones who thought the $550 Bon Appetit Brooklyn Grub Crawl was unfathomably expensive. According to the Eventbrite ticketing page, organizers have chopped prices on the noshfest in a big way.  You may remember Rachel DeLetto’s post questioning why any one person would pay $550 (plus $26 ticket fee) for an event where even biggest glutton could only down about $383 worth of food ($465 with tip factored in).

The Grub Crawl snakes through three BK neighborhoods, with stops at places like Frankies 457, Mile End and The Good Fork — good places, but price-wise, hardly Per Se. Others must have wondered about the nutso cost too, because weekend passes are now $250. There are other price reductions too:

• Friday day pass, originally $159, now $96 (including Eventbrite fees)
• Saturday pass, originally $212, now $128
• Sunday pass, originally $185, now $106

Is this an inevitable market correction? Or a sign that GoogaMooga has killed the collective appetite for foraged cocktails and kimchee tacos? Either way, the lower prices are good news to Connecticut hedge fund wives and ExtraMooga ticket buyers who now have someplace to spend their refunds.


  1. I’m so sick of foodie events. So overdone and so tired. I’m also sick of events in BK for river hopping tourists. Most of all I despise Frankie’s – I’ve never eaten there and will never give them my business. The owners are horrible, entitled, and overall disgusting men who are inconsiderate to the community and neighbors (who have been there before they opened that shithole) all for their own profit.

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