What’s the best bodega in Brooklyn?

May have once bought beers here to sneak into a nearby bar. Via.

Fierce bodega loyalty is a point of pride for most New Yorkers, as those local¬†proprietors of late-night munchies and six packs are often the guys who let you run a tab or teach you some elementary Arabic/Spanish if you’re in tight with them. They come in tons of shapes and sizes, from the ones with nicer sandwich counters than Subway to the stores that are clearly a front for some kind of cat-protected business. You choose to shop there, even after another Duane Reade moves in down the street, because you sympathize more with the small business owner than you do with a big chain. And because they sometimes sell you illegally cheap cigarettes.

To celebrate the humble bodega, the Racked/Curbed/Eater empire is launching Bodega Week next week, and they want your input on the best bodega in the city, plus any crazy bodega stories or secrets, and pictures of the weirdest product you’ve found. Cats, magazine stands and other woah-dega curiosities will also get featured. So, Brokelynites, do you have a bodega worth of submitting?


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