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Blogger tracks the Brokelyn 25

photo by Clay Williams
The Charleston, photo by Clay Williams

We’ve been keeping track of everyone’s  Brokelyn Beer Book travels through the Twitter hashtag #BrokelynBeers (because drinking + tweeting = always a good idea). But Examiner blogger/photographer Clay Williams, aka Ultraclay, is more ambitiously tracking his adventures through The Brokelyn 25, with descriptions of each bar and some great photo slideshows to go along. He’s started with The Charleston, the punkalicious Williamsburg joint that slings free pizza and cheap booze.

Clay writes:

“The Charleston is a classic dive. There’s no pretense. It’s old, a little grimy and totally relaxed. For those old enough to remember, the bar will take you back to the days in the East Village before the college kids took over and everyone was carded from bar to bar.”

Check back for more of his travels and great pictures of our favorite bars.

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