Your blizzard kit: 8 pieces of gear to help survive snow in the city

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There are days when we can’t leave our desks, let alone go outside or head out of the city to have an epic adventure. So on those days we make a point of checking out what our friends over at The Field are up to. Generally it’s something like splitboarding in Washington, fishing in Norway or backpacking in Montana. They’ve proven themselves to be a reliable source of trip inspo and gear recommendations so we’re so excited to present The Field’s list of gear to help you survive the next blizzard in the city!

Blizzard Gear

Han Wag Grünten Winter Boots
Sweden’s Han Wag has been making boots by hand since 1921, so it’s safe to say they know a thing or two about quality and craftsmanship. The Grünten boot has long been a favorite of style-conscious outdoorsman looking for a sturdy, leather hiking boot. And now, the brand recently introduced a winter version, with insulted layering between the footbed and sole for times when you need to be out in the elements for hours on end, and a brilliant, patented IceGrip sole made of a rubber compound with fine glass particles that grips even the slickest black ice. Yes, they’re a bit over the top for walking to the bodega and back, but we guarantee you’ll be the most prepared person on the block.

Blizzard gear jacketNorse Projects Rokkvi Neoshell 2.0 Jacket
This is without a doubt the best jacket for design-minded, outdoor enthusiasts living in cities where temps drop below freezing. The waterproof, windproof, three quarter length parka is made with Polartec Neoshell (the lightest, most waterproof material on the market) and insulted by 600 fill european goose down feathers. Fully taped seams ensure you stay dry, while the perfectly minimal design helps you fly under the radar. Just remember, a jacket like this will last more than a few seasons, so think of it as an investment.

Blizzard Gear Hat

Archival brand Waxed Canvas Bucket Hat
This is not the hat to wear during the storm. This is the hat to wear after the storm, once it’s sunny, or once the snow has turned to rain. Bucket hats have been trending hard in the past year or so, and this sturdy waxed cotton option will keep your head warm and dry while keeping you from looking like an oversized kid wearing a giant beanie.

blizzard gear bagBaggu Standard
It’s impossible to spend any reasonable amount of time in Brooklyn without seeing one of these cute little reusable bags from Baggu, and for good reason. They are reasonably priced, pack up insanely small, made of sturdy ripstop nylon, and are more or less waterproof (that is, they won’t degrade when wet). So, stuff one or two in your pocket for the last minute bodega run before holing up in your apartment, and then use it later to shield your camera when you’re out taking pictures of the pretty snow.

blizzard gear blanketWoolrich Sherpa Rough Rider Wool Blanket
If any real amount of snow has fallen, is falling, or is going to fall, you’re going to want to be sure you’ve got plenty of cozy things on hand. A nice wool blanket is a go to, and Woolrich has been making some damn fine ones since 1830, so you can’t go wrong with them. We’re loving theSherpa Rough Rider Wool Blanket. It’s made in the USA of 85% wool with a soft faux fur lining. Pairs well with a hot cup of joe (see below).

gear for blizzardsParlor Coffee
This is a big one. While the average human can survive roughly one week without water, the average New Yorker may not be able to survive a single day without coffee. So, it’s important to A) have a French press, and B) stock up on fresh beans before the storm hits. While all the other jokesters are snagging the last loaves of bread at Key Foods, slip on over to Parlor Coffee near the Brooklyn Navy Yard (or another stockiest in your ‘hood) and pick up a bag of their small batch coffee. There are many coffee roasters in NYC, but the attention to detail, branding and superior quality of Parlor has had us hooked for some time now.

nyc blizzard gearWyoming Whiskey
One of the beautiful things about snow in the city is imagining yourself elsewhere and few places are as daydream-able as the mountains of Montana. So you might as well drink a whiskey that’s made there. This single barrel from Montana-based, small batch distillery Wyoming Whiskey goes down easy and is a nice excuse to buy something other than Bulleit.

Blizzard gearNetflix 
This one is a no brainer. Everyone knows you don’t have to actually own an account yourself, you just need a password. So, use your parent’s account, or your roommate’s account, or your ex’s dad’s account, or your whatever. The important thing is that you get a password and stick with it. While you’re at it, acquiring a HBO Go login will be helpful too.

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