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BK activist trys bartering Sallie Mae debt down

Yep. (Via H Flannery's flickr)
Yep. (Via H Flannery’s flickr)

If you were lucky enough to attend and/or graduate from college, you, like most other college-attending Americans, are probably ensnared in the grasp of that cruel bitch, Sallie Mae. She is the worst, and we are all tired of her taking all our money every month, and no matter how much she takes, that loan debt NEVER SEEMS TO GET ANY LESS. Everything is terrible. But one brave indebted soldier seems to have come up with a pretty innovative way of dealing with the pain – she’s trying to barter down her debt by getting a gig with the company. And she’s blogging about it!

Meredith Degyansky graduated a few years ago loaded down with all that fun debt plaguing the rest of us, and she’s been squeaking by on a few internships and waitressing jobs, which haven’t done much to lessen the burden. And so, in an attempt to strike a deal with the student loan giant, she’s been talking to the company about trading services for loan credit, and she wants YOU to get involved, too. Degyansky’s culled a list of  available jobs, and she’s already started sending letters to administrators in hopes of striking a deal.

If you’re interested in getting involved, Degyansky’s calling for letters to Sallie Mae proposing a barter – according to her blog, if everyone gets involved, the project might be able to get off the ground. But keep things civil, please, even if all your dreams involve stabbing a Sallie Mae voodoo doll to death. As Degyansky notes, being nice will take you farther than threatening bodily pain. She’s also hosting letter-writing parties, so you can booze, bash your student loans and take some steps to lessen them all at the same time. There’s one this Wednesday at LaunchPad in Crown Heights, and keep posted for more updates on Degyansky’s website.

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