Billion-dollar BuzzFeed has a billion job openings

Not to worry, they’re an equal opportunity employer

So, BuzzFeed is being valued by some investment mavens at something close to a billion dollars. Regardless of how that might make you feel, there’s one way in which the mysterious world of valuations and dudes with monocles throwing money at Jurassic Park-based explainer websites can benefit you, the common schlub: BuzzFeed has so many job openings right now. Presumably, you have so many rent monies to deliver to your landlord, so hey, win-win.

Let’s get the easy joke out of the way first: They’re not hiring a viral politics reporter for some reason. That’s about the only position that doesn’t seem to be available at the site though. On the creative side, BuzzFeed needs reporters and editors in tech, politics, business and even an investigative reporter. Beyond writers though, BuzzFeed is also looking for data drones, marketers, engineers, advertiser gladhanders and even an accountant, among other hiring needs. Who knew that new media even used math, beyond “How many ponies do we want in the office this week if we want to divide the rides up equally among the staff?”

Just promise us that if you wind up working there, you prevent another travesty like their subway line rankings.

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