15 things Bill Murray did while bartending in Greenpoint

Via Casamigos on Instagram.
Via Casamigos on Instagram.

Did you miss Bill Murray bartending in Greenpoint this weekend? Probably! Murray was in the nabe on Friday and Saturday┬áto help the opening of his son Homer’s new restaurant, 21 Greenpoint, and as far as opening weekend publicity stunts go, this one was a landslide victory. People went nuts at the news, and even when the event was announced to be invite-only, fans still lined up outside the bar in hordes.┬áBut don’t worry, just like every case of FOMO you’ve ever had in New York City, ample social media evidence exists to show you what you missed. Here are 15 things Bill Murray did while bartending in Greenpoint:


Did a flappy arm dance to songs


Mixed some drinks while wearing a white lab-coat thing

Last night when Bill Murray was a guest bartender in BK 🏦🙌🏻🍸 A photo posted by spikyphil (@spikyphil) on


Looked tired after a long, intense shift

Bill Murray contemplating life mid-bartending 🍹 Last night at the opening of 21 Greenpoint A photo posted by Zach Weiss (@zacharyweiss) on


Leaned over and listened intently to someone’s order

In one minute, we’re gonna do tequila shots w/ Bill Murray 🍸🍸#dreamscometrue

A photo posted by Kate krader (@kkrader) on


Worked the crowd of food bloggers (and some others too)

Finally met the Big Bad #BillMurray last night A photo posted by @peterman_11 on


Politely tried to do his job while having his photo taken nonstop

Bill Murray bartending in Brooklyn #nyc #latergram

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Pushed through a crowd that treated him like high schoolers at a Taylor Swift concert

Waiting in line to get a whiskey soda from Bill Murray

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Made out with someone on the job

The rumors are true. Bill Murray and I are dating.

A photo posted by Caroline Deason (@carldeason) on


Sang “Why Can’t We Be Friends?”


Ignored the replica Ghostbusters car someone parked outside

Waiting for Bill Murray

A video posted by Tracey Dunham (@artcey) on


Served shots of shitty vodka

Bill Murray, serving me a shot of shitty vodka. But it was Bill Murray so I was like yeah ok!!! A photo posted by Priya Krishna (@priygram) on


Focused intently on pouring shots while not knocking over pineapples

Hey #BillMurray

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Got accosted by a New York Post reporter

That time @heyxtian made Bill Murray take a photo with me

A photo posted by Hailey eber (@hailstormy) on


Proved he’s taller than this guy


And just generally having the best time

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