Bill de Blasio answered for his crimes against pizza on The Daily Show

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That is some magic stagecraft to make them appear close to the same height

Mayor Bill “Tall” de Blasio took a moment out of terrorizing the Upper East Side like some kind of class warrior Godzilla to appear on The Daily Show last night, where he personally told Jon Stewart that all Viacom equipment was being seized for the furtherance of his Five Year Plan. Actually, he ate pizza like a normal goddamn human being and rehashed a couple lines from his inaugural speech. We’ve got video below.

If you hadn’t heard de Blasio’s inauguration speech, the line about the pre-K tax costing as much as soy latte for each person it hit was new, as was the insistence that just because a liberal is in charge of the city there won’t be trash can fires on every block. For the rest of us, we can at least rest easy knowing that our communist mayor might be kind of boring on television, but at least he’s willing to own up to his pizza mistakes.

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