Big moving sale at Deluxa

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This just came in from reader Kristen Stocks, and we’re definitely checking this one out:

Love your site and am a big fan. [Thanks, K!] Just thought I’d send you a tip that my vintage store Deluxa will be closing and moving to East Williamsburg sometime between Xmas and NYE and having some pretty ridiculous sales. Lots of good stuff to score too for cheap for last minute presents. Just to give you an idea, this week, all clothing 50% off lowest marked price, 50% off all kitchenware, all records (including some good shit) $1.50/each, I’ve already got two tables full of other half off merchandise including purses, gloves, belt buckles, glassware. Anyhow, just thought I’d share.

Deluxa, 187 Sackett St. between Henry and Hicks, (347) 721-3401, Wednesday through Sunday noon to 7pm, or appointment. Please send your sale scoops to tips [at] brokelyn [dot] com.

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    1. thanks for the heads up. i will miss deluxa (it’s right in my hood) but wish them well in the new location. it’s a great little store.

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