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Big Gay Ice Cream introduces small $2 cone on weekday afternoons

big gay ice cream
Fortunately, you don’t need one of these in tow to get the cheap cone. via Facebook

What is it with Manhattan and their kid-friendly deals all of a sudden? First we’ve got the Landmark Sunshine letting you bring your baby to the sexy good times at Nymphomaniac for free, and starting Monday, as Time Out New York reports, Big Gay Ice Cream is offering a small cone with sprinkles for just $2 during prime after school hours at both of their locations (61 Grove Street and 125 E. 7th Street). One more place south of 14th Street starts a kid-friendly promotion and we’re writing a “LES is the new Park Slope” trend piece.”

The Sugar Rush promotion will allow you to get a small vanilla, chocolate or twist cone with sprinkles for just $2 between the hours of 2pm and 5pm on weekdays. Ostensibly it’s supposed to be for kids who didn’t punch their classmates and did their homework, but fortunately, adults can get one too. So you can leave the office for “official ice cream-related emergencies” and you can even afford to bring some cones back for your officemates. Plus, what better way is there to celebrate the late Fred Phelps than by buying a Big Gay Ice Cream cone every day for a week?

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