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Bierleichen’s top 10 heavy metal drinking songs

Bierleichen is waiting for its beer corpses.

Putting together the Queens Beer Book introduced us to a whole new set of bars and breweries beyond our borough’s borders. One of the standouts is Ridgewood’s Bierleichen, a German-style beer garden and heavy metal bar that opened its friendly hell gates to beer and brat lovers in April. The bar’s name literally means “beer corpses,” a reference to the Oktoberfest enthusiasts who go a little overboard and get so drunk, they migrate to grassy knolls to pass out, subsequently looking like beer-bellied dead people.

To give our readers a better idea of what it’s like to hang out there, we’ve bartered via ritual sacrifice to get our hands on this Spotify playlist of the Top 10 Metal Drinking Songs from Bierleichen’s owners.

We hope you enjoy this guitar-shredding rite of passage, which they told us “more or less conveys what Bierleichen plays on a regular basis,” including the likes of  Leibach, Iron Maiden and yes, Rammstein.

You can also learn more about Bierleichen in the Queens Bar Guide, but for now, enjoy this hair-splitting top 10 created exclusively for Brokelyn. And remember, while you’re listening, picture cold mugs of pilsner, beer and brat lunch specials that run daily for just $10 bucks, and the many beer corpses, past and future, who make a place like this possible.

And now onto the list:

1) Dio – Holy Diver

2) Slayer – Reigning Blood

3) Black Sabbath – Paranoid

4) Metallica – Battery

5) Rammstein – Ich Tu dir Weh

6) Judas Priest – Pain Killer

7) Iron Maiden – The Trooper

8) Quiet Riot – Bang Your Head (Metal Health)

9) Motley Crue – Wild Side

10) Leibach – Opus Dei

Drink your way through Bierleichen and more than 30 other great bars with the Queens Beer Book, on sale now.

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