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Bicycle Roots huge sale will keep you warm for winter cycling

bicycle roots
Want to keep riding in the winter? Gear up. via Facebook

Riding a bike in the winter can seem, to the outside observer, the province of an insane person. And maybe it is, we don’t know, but that’s because we do it. If riding a bike is free during the summer, it’s free during the winter, that’s our philosophy. Of course, riding in the winter does mean getting things like gloves and leg warmers, and ear warmers (so you can wear a helmet and keep your ears warm). And rather than see you pay full price for this stuff, the folks at Bicycle Roots (609 Nostrand Avenue) are having a big sale on it, so you can layer up on the cheap.

You think we’re joking about the “big” part of the sale? Check out everything covered by the coupons they’re offering.

Rain Pants: 50% Off
Thermal Tights: 40% Off
Jackets and Vests: 30% Off
Gloves: 20% Off
Hats, Ear Warmers, and Balaclavas: 20% Off
Thermal Base Layers: 20% Off
Lights: 10% Off
Helmets: 10% Off
Socks & Shoe Covers: 30% Off
Fenders: 20% Off
Arm and Leg Warmers: 30% Off

The thermal layers and fenders are most exciting to us, as those will respectively make sure you don’t become a sweaty mess in your oversize coat, and that you don’t get covered in slush bouncing up from the road. To take advantage of the sale, all you need to do is bring this coupon page with you (or you can print it, but who has a printer?). And then you’ll have the last laugh, riding free as your friends take out mortgages for their monthly Metrocards.

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