Beware, bed bugs: Williamsburg’s getting an ‘upscale’ Salvation Army

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Williamsburg: where even the thrift stores are bougie via joseph a’s flickr

The Salvation Army on Bedford Ave in Williamsburg has been mysteriously shuttered since December 2011 “for renovations” (though we have our own suspicions). But judging from the scaffolding that’s recently blanketed N. 7th Street, construction on the store has kicked into high gear. Once upon a time it was rumored that they’d be turning the spot into an Apple Store, but it seems the Salvation Army is here to stay, and according to DNAInfo, the revamped store will be “upscale.” Because, what else, Williamsburg.

The new space will now take up two floors instead of just one, it’ll feature wider aisles, better lighting and have more of a “department-store feel. “It’s not the old dusty dingy stores of the past where people are stuck in a hole in a wall,” Tim Raines, a spokesperson for the company, told DNAinfo. Time to start runnin’ scared, Beacon’s Closet! And of course, hopefully  this new incarnation will also be about a thousand times cleaner than its predecessor, since I was once gripped by the urge to light all my clothing on fire after setting foot in the old Salvation Army.

They’ve already started knocking down the original building, which was built way back in the 1970s, and the company says the new store will be open in the spring. But, PSA, the Salvation Army still discriminates against gay people, so maybe just shop at J. Crew instead.

[h/t DNAinfo]


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