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The best cheap things to do this weekend, new year edition

1. Honor the yin within at the New Moon Circle, where you will tap into your earthy energy to set strong intentions for personal and professional development in the year ahead with guided meditation, creative exercises, movement, sound, and ceremony. (Friday, Root Mamma, $20 suggested)

2. Start your resolutions off with Quitters, an evening comedians revisiting their cringe-worthy failures, like rejected humor submissions, half-baked bits, and show-and-tells from hobbies past. (Friday, C’mon Everybody, $8)

3. Get your first laughs in at 50 First Jokes, where 50 comedians tell their first joke of the year, hosted by John F. O’Donnell and 49 other hilarious comedians. (Friday, The Bell House, $15)

4. Hear some tunes with Kala and The Lost Tribe, who are curating a show of high caliber musicianship, lyricism and artistry centering women of color performers Ajo and Rue Brown. (Friday, Basquiat’s Bottle, $5)

5. Put on your red shoes and dance the blues at Let’s Dance: A David Bowie Dance Party, where DJ Mon Amie will be spinning all of your favorite Bowie jams all night. (Friday, C’mon Everybody, $5-8)


Hoop, there it is (#6). Photo via Facebook.

6. Hoop, there it is at Beginner Hula Hoop Flow, where you’ll start with the basics of learning waist hooping, walking while hooping and other essential movements and tricks for on body hooping. (Saturday, The Muse, $20-30)

7. Explore dyeing with nature at Floral Bundle Dyeing and Eco Printing, where you’ll experiment in the many ways you can use heat, steam, and minerals to bring different results and change the colors of plants and flowers. (Saturday, Better Than Jam, $50)

8. Discover 1500-year-old drumming at Japanese Taiko Workshop for a private drumming workshop dedicated to the art of Taiko, a traditional Japanese drumming and martial arts-inspired movement. (Saturday, Taiko Masala, $32-35)

9. Indulge in the hands-on workshop Secondhand Sweets, where you’ll learn various pastry techniques and gain the skills to transform otherwise discarded food items into delicious desserts and drinks. (Saturday, AgTech X, $49)

10. Be animated at Picture This, a live comedy show with stand-up comics performing while they are drawn live by some of the best animators, cartoonists, and other artists. (Saturday, Union Hall $8-10)

11. Hear some sweet words with Loren Connors & More, a night of music with guitar/poetry sparring of Loren Connors and Steve Dalachinsky, Suzanne Langille weaving music with poet extraordinaire Yuko Otomo, and guitarist David Grubbs with Loren. (Saturday, H0L0, $10)


March with the three kings (#12). Photo via Tres Reyes Magos de Brooklyn.

12. March on out to the Three Kings Day Parade, a colorful and festive parade featuring schoolchildren dressed as kings and marching alongside the three kings, with camels and other animals. (Sunday, Graham Ave, FREE)

13. Start 2019 off right at Personal Mantra Setting and come with your intention for 2019 and be “prescribed” a totally organic, made to order mantra that will work to create a pathway towards the intention. (Sunday, Root Mamma, $10-25)

14. Learn card tricks with Tarot 101, a comprehensive intro course on the mystery and magik of tarot, structured around establishing an understanding of how to read the cards as a whole. (Sunday, Catland, $15)

15. Walk the red carpet to the Golden Globe Awards Screening Party where you’ll receive a free glass of champagne upon entry, and in lieu of a ballot you’ll get bingo cards to play along with during the show. (Sunday, Littlefield, FREE)

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