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The 10 best cheap things to do this week, quitters edition

1. Get in face to face dialog at Cocktails & Conspiracy: The Migrant Caravan, and discuss the economic and political conditions in Honduras that has led many to seek asylum elsewhere, the current conditions at the border, and more. (Monday, Starr Bar, FREE)

2. Give your support with laughs at Queers ‘n Peers, which showcases LGBTQ artists and allies in different performance disciplines, from comedy to drag and beyond, while also raising money for LGBTQ groups. (Monday, Pine Box Rock Shop, $5-10)

3. Take care of self-care at Can I Ask You Something?, a comedy talk show with this month’s theme of “taking baths (and other indulgences),” and relax as if you’re taking a bubble bath… but at a comedy show. (Tuesday, 61 Local, FREE)

4. Harness spiritual herbalism at Herbs for Opening & Healing the Heart, and look at herbs and rituals for healing past emotional wounds and opening the heart to loving others as well as yourself, and find the path to a healthier heart energy. (Tuesday, Catland, $20)

5. Blast off at the Outer Space Launch Party, an intergalactic romp that heralds the humor and short attention span of such classics as Pee Wee’s Playhouse and Laugh-In, but with science fiction references, and butts. (Wednesday, The Way Station, FREE)

6. Celebrate the hard work of the hardly working at The Unemployed Show Awards, a live interactive talk-show with some of the city’s funniest unemployed/freelance guests with a variety of performances, music and maybe tears. (Wednesday, Littlefield, $10-12)

7. Don’t give up before Quitters, an evening of therapeutic comedy that features an all-star lineup of comedians each month as they revisit their cringe-worthy failures, featuring Brett Davis, Karen Chee, and more. (Thursday, C’mon Everybody, $8)

8. Nothing’s inconceivable at The Princess Bride Entirely From Memory, where performers will attempt to recreate the beloved classic using only what they can remember after watching the film a week prior, with twists and turns along the way. (Thursday, Littlefield, $10)

9. Rage against the machine at Asian Womxn Rage: A Zine Making Workshop, and address the “righteous rage” as Asian womxn through group discussions, writing, collaging, and drawing. (Friday, New Women Space, $30)

10. See representation through art at The Unapologetic Art Expo, a safe space for people of color to express their unique perspectives and experiences through art, capturing the essence of the unique spectrum that is black culture. (Friday, The Bishop Gallery, $10)

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