Take a break from all your worries: The best post-lay-off bar?

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Where do you go to tie one on after you’ve been laid off? Our friends over at FiPS have a good debate going on today — although one we hope you won’t have a need for anytime soon! — on this very topic. It’s a specific alchemy of elements you need: a place that’s comforting and friendly (Norm!) but not too rowdy that you can’t still drown your sorrows, with beers cheap enough to afford with your non-existent paycheck (free bar food helps too). Kerri at FiPS says her pick is High Dive, for its free popcorn, Boss-filled jukebox, chalkboard walls on which to scribble your unemployment rage and, most importantly, a drink board where friends can pre-pay for your drinks. What’s your pick? Team Brokelyn weighs in with some of ours below, several of which are sadly drawn from real experience.

Tom Sullivan:Black swan. Extended happy hour from 11 to 8 every day.”

Rachel Sugar: “I would have said Great Lakes, but now it seems like maybe they are out of business, too, or will be (as indicated by the For Rent sign), which suggests that they may also be looking for places to drink.”

Sarah Bibi: “Soda Bar. Longest happy hour in brooklyn=cheap and it’s dark=will hide your shame.”

Meghan Doherty: “Rope. Dollar PBR night (back again)”

Tim: “Hank’s, because it will inspire you to get your life together and get a job so you don’t have to be one of the people who hangs out at Hank’s all day.”

Put yours in the comments!

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