This week on TV: Brooklyn odd jobs including ‘ice cream truck music composer’

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Soft-core composer Michael Hearst, image courtesy of Wired.

Did you know someone in Brooklyn actually has the job title of “ice cream truck music composer”? Michael Hearst made a whole album of alternatives to the cloying, poke-me-in-the-eye-with-a-Spongebobsicle Mr. Softee song. Sadly,  his frozen dairy ditties never caught on in our neighborhood, but you can hear him talk about his work on a Brooklyn Independent Television special, airing this week, about odd jobs and the Brooklyn folks who do them. Also meet: a pro scrapper, a softball umpire, and someone who makes, dare we say, artisanal boots in his garage. Airing and live streaming Thursday night at 8. Details here. The show is part of this week’s “Best of BIT” series, with other episodes focusing on BK crafties, foodies, oldies, ladies and more. Full lineup here.

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