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Bars We Love: Don’t miss this One Last Shag!

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One Last Shag

 One Last Shag
348 Franklin Ave. (Greene and Lexington)

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What it is: A Bed-Stuy bar that parties hard and parties in style.

Why we love it: Apart from its large and beautiful backyard, which is one of the best spots in Brooklyn to enjoy a late afternoon drink in the summer, One Last Shag passes the Andrew WK “Party Hard” test by hosting plenty of raucous dance parties, helmed by rotating DJs (who reside in the neighborhood). Even on off nights, you’ll find bartenders with great taste keeping up a good vibe with their iPods. For the young and wild of Bed-Stuy, this is the place to be. Still, it doesn’t mean you can’t luxuriate in the backyard with some friends on a summer afternoon. Bring a crew and order the margarita all ten different ways it comes on the menu.

What to order: That depends on what you’re there to do. If you just want to relax in the yard with a beer or two, the rotating taps plus the $1-off happy hour from 4-8pm make for a good couple of hours. If you’re trying to turbocharge your dance night though, try starting with one of the bar’s many cocktails ranging from $8 to $12 (try “The Cry Baby” with tequila and mezcal, cinnamon and lime) and then keep yourself going with $3 Gennessee to convince yourself you’re dancing well.

Regular tip: One Last Shag is forward thinking and open with their partying, hosting numerous LGBTQ-friendly dance nights; check their Facebook page to see what’s coming up.

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