What are the best late-night eats in Brooklyn?

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Fried chicken at the Commodore, where you can sometimes find a drunken Kenji. Via NYMag.

Alright foodies, settle down (yes, that’s a nice picture from Blanca, now put the instagram away), we’ve got some important business to discuss: Grubstreet has just released its list of the best late-night eats in New York City. I know, I can feel the rage starting to boil already; you can be assured that one new super-hip place only you know about isn’t on it, and the world needs to know that (*cough* Pork Slope *cough*).

The list does land a few Brooklyn hotspots, specifically Walter Foods (only open til 2?! What is this, Philadelphia?), Fatty Cue, the Meatball Shop (although they might be referring to the Manhattan one), and M Noodle Shop, for dumplingophiles; however, saying that there are only four good late night eats in Brooklyn is like asking someone for directions to that tall building in Manhattan. So, let the call go out: bloggers, nightowls, people who actually know what Le Fooding is, tell us what you think is the best late night snack in King’s County! Could it be the taco truck at Union Pool? Could it be any taco truck, provided you’re shitfaced? Brooklyn Star is open til 2, unless it catches fire again, and if someone doesn’t try to make a stand for the Commodore’s fried chicken I’m gonna start hitting people.  Alright, let’s hear what you’ve got Camp Brokelyn: I’m drunk, it’s 1 in the morning [ed note: When he wrote this. Though it is unconfirmed if Kenji is sober at noon] and I’m hungry. Where to?

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  1. Lots of thoughts here, as if there’s one thing I love, it’s drunk eating:
    I love the 24 hour bagel shops on Bedford and Smith Street for some quick food. If I’m in Williamsburg and can time my drunk cravings right; I’ll usually stop in to FoodSwings, which is open until 2 on the weekends, for some gluttonous vegan junk food. But on most nights, I just want you to give me a falafel and shut the hell up about it all. These can be obtained from your friendly neighborhood falafel cart.

  2. The Halal cart in Bay Ridge on 5th ave is a hidden gem. I’m also a huge fan of Bar Matchless in Greenpoint. Rock solid wings until closing time.

    • The Halal truck is on Bay Ridge Avenue & 4th Avenue, right outside the Rite Aid on the corner! They’re comparable to the Halal Guys on 53rd & 6th, in front of Hilton’s in Manhattan :)

  3. I have, in fact, been drunk all day, so take that ya damn editors! Also, how late is robertas open? That could flow seamlessly from drunken debauchery to their hangover miracle cure, that egg pizza of theirs.

  4. TK’s Deli on Broadway and Myrtle is open 24/7 and makes a disgusting (?) but delicious cheesesteak. Great place to mingle with a diverse cast of drunk people late at night.

  5. sidecar on 5th and 15th in South Slope has awesome diner food til 4am and is also a full bar.

    Fort Reno on Union and 4th has a $5 special for a can of beer and a pulled pork slider from 10pm til 12am (used to be half a pulled pork sandwich, but they killed that deal…*sigh*…still good though)

    Station Diner on 4th and Union is 24 hours and is typical diner food. Not bad for a post-4am stop. I’ve rolled out of here while the sun is coming up a few times. They also serve beers 24 hours if you’re still craving a hundredth beer after a late night out.

  6. although i’m too old and too lame to get drunk and stay out late … i think the following late night williamsburg experiences are worth trying out
    – midnight ramen at 1 or 8 (classy drunk)
    – quesadillas at the taco truck at the woods (hipster drunk)
    – tacos at san loco (very drunk)
    – sliders at the custom wine bar (wino drunk)
    – vanessa’s dumplings (cheapo drunk)

  7. the beans and cornbread are good at the commodore as well, also farmers head deli on myrtle by the emerson great pastrami sandwiches

  8. Sunbrunt Calf is open late on Vanderbilt and they have the best steamed buns I have found in the city! Also Calexico on Manhattan Ave in GP is great for late night eats!

    • Giannis Pizza at Myrtle and Franklin is usually open until 5am. They have solid slices. Its like the Joes of Brooklyn, always packed at 4am on a Saturday.

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