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Best eye doctor ever gives out free beer with exams

Maybe choose your glasses before you drink the beer. (via Facebook)
Maybe choose your glasses before you drink the beer. (via Facebook)

Health insurance or no health insurance, going to the doctor is never fun. And with all the weird pupil-poking devices, burning lights and the shame of not being able to read anything on the eye chart under that giant E, a visit to the eye doctor’s office is perhaps the most miserable of all. But a Park Slope optometrist has figured out a way to lessen all that ophthalmoscopic awfulness; he’s giving out FREE BOOZE to patients before visits.

Dr. Justin Bazan has been operating Park Slope Eye on Union Street since 2008, and he’s been offering patients beer — along with teas and snacks — the whole time. He’s even known to whip up a cocktail or two on request, with one patient telling the Post that Bazan offered to make him a greyhound. Really, is there any better reason to see a doctor than for a free happy hour?

Bazan told the Post he’s pretty sure free drinks are a good way to help patients unwind pre-exam. “Heck, if it’s been a rough day and you need something strong, just ask,” Bazan said. “We got you.” Needless to say, the staff members do not imbibe, medically, the good doctor insists a drink or two won’t hurt you, and officials say as an optometrist he isn’t breaking any rules. Of course, Bazan might have to go head-to-head with the fun-and-brunch-hating State Liquor Authority, since you can’t serve liquor in a business with a minimum capacity of 20 without a license, so make an appointment today and get the goods while you can!

But before you head over to get super blitzed your eyes checked, know that Bazan only takes appointments online and via e-mail, so don’t bother calling to set up a consultation. Plus, if you’re a Yelper, note that it looks like Bazan likes to get interactive with negative reviewers, so keep that in mind if your beer’s too warm and you plan on using the Internet to exact your revenge.

[h/t NY Post]

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  1. Yes! This is where I go to get my eye exams and they are all about the treats! Seriously, they’ve got a stocked bar with any kind of snack you want. At first the whole setting up an appointment online only was a little annoying but the staff are so great and helpful!

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