Best buds: Job board will hook you up with jobs in the pot industry

Janitors. Weed places probably need janitors.

America is wacky for weed now that it’s being legalized in bits and pieces across the country, and you’re probably thinking it’s about time you put your lifetime of experience in the subject matter to use in a job that would appreciate it. Well lucky for you, a new job board, WeedHire, is now out there that allows you to look for jobs and post resumes for employers in the legal pot industry. These are the days of miracle and wonder.

What can we say, there’s a gold rush on in America these days when it comes to legal weed, so you may as well get in on it as close to the ground floor as possible. WeedHire allows you to do that by searching out jobs by category or location, by either state or country. You can find jobs in the pot financial sector, the pot security sector, the pot testing and quality control sector (hello!) and plenty of other weed-related fields.

The lion’s share of jobs are out in California and Colorado, as would be expected, with Washington coming in third. We say look to Washington, everyone wants to be in California and Colorado, so there’s lots of competition. Sadly, you’ll have to leave New York if you want to pursue your dream of a career in the gettin’ high industry, because we have just one lousy job around here. Which, like the continuing rampant systemic corruption in Albany, is something you can blame on Andrew Cuomo.

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