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8 foodie gifts that won’t eat up your budget

Artisanal caramel. It's happening.

We’re tallying up 25 affordable local gifts this year, but since this is Brooklyn, we know this you’ll also be shopping for people who eat sustainable pork jowl and say peanut butter is over (pumpkin seed butter, yay!). So we’ve compiled a list of the best locavore edible gifts to give your foodie friends for the holidays. And yes, it’s possible to put your money where your Pollan is when you don’t have much money. Grab one, two, or create a gift basket for the rooftop farmer in your life.


1. Spatzi’s Granola, made in Brooklyn by Sarah Abramjuk.
You ever want granola that makes chocolate milk like Cocoa Puffs at the end? Lucky you because Spatzi’s Granola, available in four flavors, makes you feel healthy and indulgent at the same time. This delicious, decadent chocolate granola is made with Mast Brothers cocoa nibs and has a little bit of hot pepper heat on the finish.
How much? $8.25 for two-ish servings
Where? Dépanneur 242 Wythe Ave at N. 3rd St. in Williamsburg.

2. Pound of Honduras El Sauce Coffee from Gimme! Coffee.
Brokelyn’s coffee connoisseurs have tried every coffee out there, but after drinking El Sauce, we can definitively say that this coffee will get you out of bed in the dead of winter (no small feat.) Btw, you’d probably never buy a $16 pound of coffee just for you, which is why people will love it as a gift. And it’s dark, bold, intense, and amazing!!!
How much? $16 for one pound
Where? Online or any of their three NYC locations

3. Mike’s Hot Honey
A spicy-sweet honey, vinegar and chili pepper mixture that’s perfect for putting just about anything, like a grapefruit.
How much? $8 for 12 oz.
Where? Paulie Gee’s, 60 Greenpoint Ave.

4. Homemade cookies from the Blue Stove!
Snickerdoodles for days, still-warm blueberry muffins on a Saturday morning, friendly staff … the Blue Stove is heavenly. This season, they’re selling a gift bag of three freshly made gingerbread cookies, one of which is a moose wearing a scarf! They’re also making a Peppermint Snowflake Pie and an Apple Cake with Brandied Buttercream frosting. The Blue Stove is your stop for your simple, nostalgic winter desserts. Pie flavors change daily and make a great gift for any holiday party hostess.
How much? $5.95 for three cookies! $24.95 for the snowflake pie. $20-$40 for the Apple Cake
Where? 415 Graham Ave. in Williamsburg.

In particular, the Cabot Clothbound Cheddar, which is the mainstream cheese producer’s artisanal variety. Cabot makes it and then ships it to Jasper Hill Farms to age on wood shelves for 12-14 months. The result is the most glorious, sharpest, nuttiest cheddar you’ve ever tasted! I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. Anne Saxleby, one of the co-owners of Saxleby Cheese, sources cheeses from sustainable farms throughout the Northeast. She knows everything there is to know about cheese. You can stop by the Essex Market, grab the Cabot Clothbound Cheddar, ask Anne for her recommendations and this girl will hook your shit up!
How much? $21.99 for a pound, and they’ll cut any size you like!
Where? Saxelby Cheeses, 120 Essex Street (in Essex Market), Manhattan, or online.

6. Pickled anything from Rick’s Picks
You want pickled beets like your Oma makes? They got that. You want smoked Okra like your MeeMaw used to do? They got that. You want some Wasabi green beans that even your Obaasan could love? They got that. Of course, they even have your regular ol’ sours, which are great for peanut butter and pickle sandwiches! (Yum!)
How much? $7.99-$11.99
Where? At the Brooklyn Flea or online.
7. Herbin’ Spoonful, an herb-infused caramel sauce.
Handmade in Brooklyn, these caramel sauces are available in Lavendar, Chai (cardamom, fresh ginger, fennel!!), and Habanero. They’re delicious with cheese (Cabot Clothbound Cheddar?!) and make a perfect glaze for roasting local, hand-butchered meat from the Meat Hook.
How much? A measly $5!
Where? The General Greene, 229 Dekalb ave. or online..

8. The 3-in-1 Cream pie
baked by Pastry Chef Shuna Lydon
This is the stuff of legends. It’s a dream. It’s a layer of chocolate ganache, banana cream, topped with coconut cream. Three cream pies in one. I die. I’ve died. See ya later.
How much? $40 (but so worth it!)
Where? Peels, 325 Bowery, at 2nd St., Manhattan. Pre-order PDF form available on online.

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