Benefit to help uninsured BK hate crime victim

Barie Shortell, before and after

In a world where a lot of people suck, there are those that still super suck, even in Williamsburg. On a February night, about 10pm, a group of six teenagers followed  Barie Shortell on North 4th Street while shouting anti-gay slurs, then jumped and brutally beat him. They didn’t steal anything, but left him with a broken jaw, eye socket and nose. Barie was in surgery for 10 hours to repair his face, and he has more surgeries scheduled. The police classified it as a hate crime, but no arrests have been made. Like most of us, Barie did not (and still does not) have health insurance and is now $100,000 in debt. His sweet sweet friends have set up a donation page, and planned a great event next Wednesday called “Gay Bash: A Benefit for Barie Shortell,” at the Blackout Bar in Greenpoint. It’s $35, which includes three hours of open bar. So please go, and represent those Brooklynites who don’t suck. And Barie, get well soon!


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