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Shake Shack’s fried chicken sandwich/path to heart disease is only available in Brooklyn

It’s bad for ya. via Shake Shack

For a borough that’s often mocked as a place where everyone is mainlining quinoa while looking up whether or not their tattoo ink is vegan, Brooklyn is also pretty into piling on reliable ways to kill ourselves with diet-related heart disease and hypertension. So while it’s true that Shack Shack began in Manhattan, it only makes sense that their fried chicken sandwich is only available in Brooklyn at the moment. After all, we understand that Manhattanites just eat money these days.

The ChickenShack fried chicken sandwich is the newest casual fast food item that’s very bad for you but also probably tastes good. If you figured your wait for it was going to be long to begin with, well, it probably won’t help the wait that at the moment, you can only get the sandwich at Shake Shack’s Brooklyn locations (409 Fulton Street, 1 Old Fulton Street and 170 Flatbush Avenue). Point and laugh at your friends who don’t live in Brooklyn while you can, we suppose, before your pointing arm starts to get a tingling sensation.

Is this part of a plot to kill off a section of the Brooklyn population, $6.29 plus tax at a time? Yes, probably, but you can outwit Shake Shack just a little bit by asking for the sandwich without mayonnaise because outside of a few select instances mayo is disgusting.

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