This Bed-Stuy graffiti trolls Bernie Sanders supporters super hard (and more links)

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Someone is feeling the Shkrel. Photo by Tim Donnelly/Brokelyn.

Somebody is trolling Bernie Sanders and his supporters pretty hard in Bed-Stuy right now (above photo spotted near 345 Willoughby Ave. today). Someone check Martin Shkreli’s hands for spray paint.

A three-year L train closure might actually be good for rent [DNAinfo]

There’s a scientific reason you can’t get Springsteen tickets in New York [Bloomberg]

Why relocating your media company to Brooklyn ISN’T a good idea [AdAge]

Enjoy Slushwick before the realtors turn it into Slushcondo [Gothamist]

Don’t buy soda (still) [Grub Street]

Selfie aren’t the problem, it’s just your realtionship [Cosmo]

Talib Kweli is (sorta) bringing back the Brooklyn bookstore he used to own with Mos Def [VV]

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